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Do you need to freshen up a dull-looking home interior or exterior? Are you moving into a new home or office and want to ensure a superb paint job? Our qualified St Petersburg painters provide high-quality professional painting services to residential and commercial clients.

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House with garage and lawn
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Interior and Exterior Painting Services

Interior or exterior, home or office – Estate Painting applies the same high standards to every project. We are the top local St Petersburg painting contractors.

Interior Painting

Interior painting is a quick and cost-effective way to transform a room. Strategically chosen colors can visually enlarge tight spaces, highlight artistic touches, and help create the atmosphere you desire in your home.

An interior paint job by Estate Painting includes:

Protecting the work area

Before we begin work, we will relocate furniture, move your possessions, and cover nearby surfaces with plastic sheets to ensure that your home stays clean.

Workers holding sofa
Deck Maintenance

Preparing the surface

Depending on the project, we may clean, scrub, and sand the walls, as well as address minor defects to achieve an even surface.

Painting and tidying up

We always aim for minimal disruptions. As the painters St Petersburg, FL trusts, our team will work efficiently and then clean up the work area. Now you can enjoy your newly painted room.

Dusting a Baseboard

Exterior Painting

Painting the exterior will do more than make your home more visually appealing – if you choose the right paint, you may improve your home’s cooling properties and add some protection from exposure to the elements.

Exterior painting projects by our team at Estate Painting include:

Power wash

In high-humidity locations like St Petersburg, home exteriors can often accumulate a growth of mold and algae. Power washing will remove organic growth, debris, and loose paint.

washing building facade with pressure water
Removing old paint from the wall

Surface prep

To ensure that your home looks as good as new, we will remove old paint, sand down uneven areas, and repair surface blemishes.

Painting and cleanup

At the end of a project, we leave behind nothing but a coat of fresh paint. Your outdoor area and landscape will stay clean and debris-free. 

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Why Work With Us at Estate Painting?

At Estate Painting, we work under the flagship values of quality, professionalism, and outstanding service. Here is what sets us apart from other house painters in St Petersburg and Pinellas County, FL:

Quality guarantee

We settle for nothing less than the best results. Your satisfaction is our success.

Clear agreements

With Estate Painting, you always know what to expect. We deliver the promised result on time.

Free interior touch-ups

Yes, we provide free touch-ups on all interior paint projects, for life.

3-year warranty

We have full confidence in our work, which is why we offer a 3-year workmanship warranty.


Are you looking for reliable St Petersburg painters? At Estate Painting, we are the top professional painting company in St Petersburg, FL. We also serve Bradenton, Clearwater, Tampa, and other locations in the area.

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