Cabinet Painting

Professional Cabinet Painting in St. Petersburg, FL

When you walk into a room, what do you notice first? For many people, it’s the walls that catch their immediate attention. However, in a kitchen, the cabinets dominate the walls. That’s why having your cabinets repainted can transform your kitchen into a new, fresh space that will command the eye of all who enter.

Cabinet painting in St. Petersburg, FL allows you to breathe new life into your kitchen without the expenses of a remodel. Whether you choose to paint or refinish your cabinets, you can obtain your dream kitchen at a fraction of the cost it would take to remodel.

In the St. Pete area of Florida, turn to our trusted team at Estate Painting to transform your home. Contact us today for a project estimate.

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The Cabinet Refinishing Process

Despite the relatively low cost, cabinet painting in St. Petersburg, FL requires a high level of craftsmanship. Such a project requires hardware removal, sanding, cleaning, painting or refinishing, and reassembly. However, a professional team equipped with the proper tools can complete the project in only a few days, with guaranteed results.

Fixing Cabinet

Removal of Cabinet Doors and Drawers

At Estate Painting, our licensed and insured team begins by removing every cabinet door, drawer, and piece of hardware in your kitchen. This first step is to make sure that the cabinet frame receives the same finish as the rest of your kitchen.

Prepping and Sanding Every Surface

During the painting or refinishing stage, our team will sand each surface first. Preparing the cabinets well allows proper paint or stain adhesion.

Wood Scrapping
Glue application on wood

Painting or Refinishing

At this stage, you’ll begin to see the transformation. Our team will use expert techniques and professional equipment to ensure a high-grade finish. Also, we can apply paint using either brushes or spray paint—each comes with its own benefits. When done professionally, both also yield beautiful results.


Once your cabinets fully cure and dry, your kitchen will come back to life. We’ll reinstall the hardware, whether you choose to reuse the existing pieces or replace with new ones. Then, once we’ve cleaned up the workspace, you can enjoy your refinished kitchen.

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Paint color cards, paint roller and cans

Choosing Paint for Your Project

You have a wide array of colorful choices when it comes to selecting your paint hues. No matter what color you choose, we will make sure it provides a quality finish. Thanks to its high durability and long-lasting finish, our team at Estate Painting uses high-quality enamel paint.

We also recommend a gloss finish for cabinet painting projects since it provides an easy-to-clean surface. Kitchens attract a lot of messes, from grease splatter to drink spills. A gloss finish will help to keep your kitchen looking new longer.

Beyond Your Kitchen

Cabinet painting in St. Petersburg, FL doesn’t have to stop in your kitchen! Bathroom cabinets, doors, built-in bookcases, and more can benefit from a few coats of paint to brighten up any room of the house. Our team can tackle any in-home refinishing project you might have.

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The Go-to for Cabinet Painting in St. Petersburg, FL

Are you ready to liven up your kitchen with freshly painted or refinished cabinets? Our experienced team at Estate Painting in St. Petersburg, Florida, provides an industry-leading three-year workmanship warranty on all paint projects and a satisfaction guarantee. Call us at 727-999-9880 today for a free estimate!