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Professional Interior Painting in St. Petersburg, FL

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An interior paint job from our professionals at Estate Painting is a cost-effective solution to brighten up your living space. Old paint or wallpaper will give your home’s interior a dated appearance, even if you have modern furniture and appliances.

Call us today to schedule an interior painting service for your commercial or residential property. We serve customers throughout St. Petersburg, FL, and the surrounding areas, including Clearwater, Tampa, and Wesley Chapel.

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Cost-Effective Interior Improvement

When hearing the term “home remodeling,” most people think of exorbitant costs. However, you can transform and modernize your home with a professional interior painting in St. Petersburg, FL without breaking the bank. Newly painted walls will give your home’s interior a fresh, clean look.

At Estate Painting, we often recommend oil-based paint for living rooms and other indoor environments. These paints remove the signs of old mold or moisture damage, and they are easy to keep clean. However, we will inspect your home to ensure that we recommend the best products for your project.

Personalized Interior Painting Solution

At Estate Painting, we offer a comprehensive range of interior painting solutions in St. Petersburg, FL. The indoor surfaces we can paint include:

Our team will provide you with a unique interior painting solution that includes all the services you need. We can also help you choose the best paint colors for your interior design style and preferences

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Commitment to Customer Service

Providing exceptional customer service is our top priority at Estate Painting. Our team values your time and privacy, and we will go the extra mile to ensure that the entire process is as convenient as possible for you. We set clear expectations at the start of each project and work according to our customers’ schedules.

We will also communicate with you throughout the interior painting process, getting your input and updating you on our progress.

Quality and Value for Money

At Estate Painting, our team only uses the highest-quality products, ensuring an optimal aesthetic appeal that will last for years. We offer free touch-ups for life on all interior paint jobs and an industry-leading three-year workmanship warranty.

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Our Interior Painting Process

Our interior painting process aims to provide you with a high-quality painting finish while protecting your belongings and property structure. The steps we follow during an interior painting in St. Petersburg, FL include:

  1. Selecting the best paint for your home
  2. Removing and covering the furniture, appliances, and décor
  3. Covering the floors
  4. Cleaning the walls and repairing dents
  5. Cleaning the area and putting all your belongings in their place

The Go-to for Interior Painting in St. Petersburg, FL

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