The 6 Best Paint Colors for Bathrooms

Bathrooms aren’t just for bathing; they’re also a place to relax and unwind after a long day. That’s why choosing a quality interior house painting service matters. They can help you choose colors that will create an ideal environment in any bathroom in your home. If you need inspiration before meeting with the professionals, here are some perfect colors to consider when revamping your bathroom.

1. White

Some people may think white is a plain and boring color. That’s not exactly true. White is actually a timeless color that also represents cleanliness and sanitation. A white bathroom can also give a sense of openness and make the bathroom feel bigger. You can have fun finding all sorts of colorful bathroom accents and furniture for your sanctuary, too. Stick with a white color scheme for bathroom linens, or use multiple colored towels and rugs. The choice is yours to have fun with.

2. Pale Blue

It’s no secret that blue has a calming effect on your mood. When you opt for light blue walls, you enjoy an even more airy atmosphere with peace and beauty. Since blue is associated with the sky and water, it’s a perfect color to relax in the tub with.

4. Sage Green

Maybe you want to add some green to your bathroom. What better way to do so than with a light sage green? Sage green gives the feeling of comfort and is associated with nature. It can add color and warmth while being subtle at the same time. Add a few plants to enhance the theme.

5. Taupe

An interior house painting service can add subtle warmth to a bathroom with taupe. It’s easy to blend this color with various accents, bathroom linens, and fixtures. This very sophisticated color also feels rustic. It contrasts well with white bathroom features, such as tubs and sinks.

6. Beige

If you want a light color in your bathroom but don’t want white, beige is a perfect solution. The neutral hue blends well with a range of bathroom fixtures and furniture. If you have some amazing bathroom furniture that you want to show off, beige walls are a perfect color to use.

Did you know that, according to Online Psychology Degree Guide, color accounts for 62% to 90% of first impressions? Leave your guests impressed with a fresh coat of paint in your bathroom. Contact our local interior house painting service at Estate Painting today for a consultation.