What to Expect From Your Interior Home Painting Service

Interior painting can transform and refresh the interior of your home. If you are considering painting your home’s interior, here are some things you can expect from a professional painting service.

Getting the Materials Together

Painters use many tools and pieces of equipment to complete a thorough job, such as rollers, brushes, ladders, pain, extension pols, caulking, rags, sandpaper, and primer. Of course, the most important material of all is the paint! You can either match the existing paint color or choose a new paint color ahead of time. If you’re not sure which paint color would be best, consult with your painter beforehand.

Preparing the Walls

Several steps must be done before the job begins. The area needs to be cleaned and any broken or loose materials removed. The walls should be repaired and holes patched before the paint job begins. Your painters will most likely sand the walls, too, before applying paint. The surface must be adequately prepared so that the paint will adhere correctly. Floors must also be protected from damage or paint spills. Professional painters have the expertise and experience to get the job done right.

The Painting Job

The painters can work after the materials are set up and the space is prepared. The painter must work carefully, ensuring that each coat is applied correctly and there are no drips or runs. After the paint is on, any imperfections can be repaired with a putty knife or sandpaper. Two coats of paint are typically standard for a professional and clean finish. If you have an average-sized home, you can expect it will take around four days to paint, according to Neighborly.

Clean Up and Finishing Touches

When the painting is done, it is time to clean up and finish. First, the painters will remove any paint trays and drop cloths in your yard, ensuring they are disposed of properly. Leftover paint is sealed and marked, and all areas are wiped down and vacuumed. If you bought the paint, any extra will be returned to you so you can have it for future touchups.

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