What to Look For in High-Quality Local Painters

According to Home Advisor, one of the top three completed home projects is interior painting. If you’re thinking of having your home interior painted, there are a few things to look for in high-quality local painters before choosing a company that’s right for your project.

Portfolio and Experience

Anytime you’re in the market to hire local painters, it’s imperative to verify their level of experience and portfolios. Most professional painters and painting companies will be eager to demonstrate their skills and showcase previous projects they have taken on and completed. Any painter who does not have an active portfolio may be inexperienced or new to the prospect of painting altogether. Be sure to check their previous work and level of experience before hiring them for the job.

Licensing and Insurance

Another important aspect of hiring any contractor to work in or around your home includes licensing and insurance. It’s important to verify that the local painters you are thinking of hiring are fully licensed and properly insured. Contractors without insurance are a liability to homeowners. Should damage occur while the contractor is on the property or an injury, the homeowner instantly becomes liable without proper insurance in place. Always verify the contractors you want to hire are fully insured and hold licenses that are up to date.


How did you originally hear about the local painting company or local painters you are thinking of hiring? Did you hear from them from a recommendation or referral? If possible, inquire about additional referrals and recommendations that have come from satisfied clients before choosing the painters that you’d like to hire for your home or commercial space.

Reviews and Testimonials

Taking the time to research client reviews and testimonials can go a long way in finding the right local painters for your project. Verified testimonials and reviews help describe the level of service that is provided by each painter as well as authentic reports of the work that has been completed.

These were just a few factors to consider. By asking the right questions and verifying important details, it’s much easier to find local painters who are qualified to take on the project you have in mind. Contact Estate Painting today for a free estimate on interior and exterior painting services.